Trident Racing records positive GP2 Main Series test at Paul Ricard

Trident Racing ended the team's season at Paul Ricard with three days of collective GP2 Main Series testing on the French venue. Thanks to the amount of time available, the squad led by Maurizio Salvadori was enabled to put on-track four drivers, completing all the job planned at the start.

On the first day of testing, Trident Racing brought on-track Plamen Kralev and "Kevin" Nai Chia Chen. The Bulgarian, who rejoined on Day 2, continued to show a constant improvent by logging laps to his toll. He kept going faster and faster, and reducing his gap from the series' leading pack. Kralev was at his first time on a GP2 Main Series after entering the GP2 Asia Series opening test and races at Abu Dhabi.

Chen had an initial contact with the car too, completing his program and showing great room for improvement. The Chilese driver, whose previous experience was limited to the Asia Series, proved his ability to lower his laptimes lap-by-lap, despite running just on day one.

On the second day of testing, Kralev was paired by Lithuanian 19-year-old Kazimieras Vasiliauskas, who entered the 2009 FIA Formula 2 Series. Vasiliauskas matched the pre-test expectations, impressing the team with an ultra-professional approach despite the young age. All the team's staff has been able to recognize the excellent quality of the job he completed in his two days.

The final day also featured Rodolfo Gonzalez. The 23-year-old Venezuelan was fielded by Trident Racing in the 2009 Main Series, running at the Nurburgring. Unfortunately, he wasn't in perfect shape, as he was debilitated by flu. Rodolfo proved strong and ended the session, but his test's outcome has been heavily conditioned.

With its last outing of 2009, Trident Racing rounded out a new double header season between the Main Series and the Asia Series. With two months to go before the first activity of the 2010 season, all the efforts are focused on setting up the upcoming year in the best possible way.

Luca Zerbini, Managing Director

"It's been a pretty intense time, but all the testing activity was completed without incidents. We tested several drivers of different kinds, with different past experiences and backgrounds. All of them reached their goals, and we're really proud of the job done. We've been positively impressed by many aspects, starting from the progress of Kralev all the way to the huge potential showed by Vasiliauskas. Chen can grow a lot, while Gonzales had some hard luck, being forced to deal with an heavy flu condition. We're preparing for a key moment for us, as the upcoming off-racing period of time will enable us to do all the preparatioy work for 2010".

-credit: trident racing