Trident Racing back on-track on Paul Ricard's collective GP2 Test

Trident Racing is ready to get back in action at the French Paul Ricard Track, with three days of collective GP2 Main Series testing scheduled from November 10 to 12. The team is set to enjoy an intense 3-day program, and evaluate potentially viable drivers for the 2010 Main Series season. For the Italian squad, owned by Maurizio Salvadori, this is set to be the final appearance of 2009.

Four drivers will be rotating behind the wheel of the team's Renault-powered Dallara. Day 1 will be bringing on-track Plamen Kralev, who made his Asia Series debut with Trident Racing at Abu Dhabi, and "Kevin" Nai Chia Chen, who entered the 2008-2009 Asia Series. Kralev will rejoin on Day 2 together with 19-year-old Lithuanian Kazimieras Vasiliauskas, who entered the 2009 Formula Palmer Audi and Formula 2 series.

Vasiliauskas will be partnered by Venezuelan Rodolfo Gonzalez. The 23-year-old successfully entered the 2009 round at the Nurburgring for the team. With a long and tight program, the GP2 Series will be brought to a finale on both the European and Asian panorama.

Luca Zerbini, Managing Director

"It'll be a tough three day of testing. We had planned to test Kralev since a long time, being part of his Asia Series program. Then we'll discover for the first time Kevin; he's coming from Taiwan and really interested in running a full season. We'll be then back running wiht Kazimieras Vasiliauskas, who really impressed us in a Formula Master test in 2008. We're eager to discover his potential on a faster car. Gonzalez has been running with us at the Nurburgring, in this season's Main Series: he's definitely growing, as he showed this season, and a full GP2 Main Series commitment might become a decisive stepping stone in his career. We're eager to evaluate his potential results again".

-credit: trident racing