Trident Racing prepare to start Asian experience from an high spot.

Trident Racing is proud to announce a new partnership between the team owned by Maurizio Salvadori and Chinese group March 3, operating in the promotion and development of motorsport in China. China has become, in a few years` time, the second biggest market in the world for automotive businesses, and is expected to climb up to top spot really soon. Chinese motorsport is also expected to have a similar growth, and is set to become a privileged way of promotion for the enterprises aiming to break into the nation`s market.

Thanks to the agreement reached with March 3, Trident Racing is also looking forward to become an European reference point for Chinese drivers and business partners; March 3 will provide the Italian team with all the logistic support, and with an high-quality staff for the upcoming GP2 Asia Series, having the chance to move up from the Chinese F.Renault Championship and have a direct connection with the European (and Italian) technical know-how. March 3 is currently promoting several events and championships, including the Chinese National Kart Championship and the China Formula Open. Moreover, the company is highly-qualified in training and developing the skills of drivers, mechanics and technicians. A new base, the Motor Sport Center Shanghai, will be opening in a few days, ready to become the heart of motor racing in China.

Davide De Gobbi, head of the March 3 project

"China is gathering the world`s attention in almost any field, from technology to economy, society and sports. The current world order is evolving towards a total globalization, and the initiative started by Trident Racing shows how an integration between the Europe and Asia can be possible, and that two such different realities have the chance to co-exist. A know-how and experience exchange can bring advantages for both parties: Trident Racing will be opened new markets, while March 3 will be able to take advantage from an high-tech know-how, in order to push Chinese motorsport to a new level."

"Chinese people started having an interest in motorsport recently, since television started to broadcast motor racing only at the beginning of the 2000`s. Starting from then, they learned how to appreciate this "non-Olympic" sport, and a further boom came with Formula One, that`s visiting Shanghai since 2004. A big change will also come when a Chinese driver will be able to fight with the best Western and Japanese drivers, since people in China tend to keep their support for the national heroes. And when a Chinese driver will finally enter Formula 1 racing, a big domino effect will make all the best investors eager to get close to the motorsport reality."

Another notable agreement reached by Trident Racing and March 3 allowed two Chinese staff members to experience a stage at the team`s base in Italy. The two technicians provided a great support in preparing the team`s cars for the upcoming Asian Championship.

Alessandro Alunni Bravi, Team Principal, Trident Racing

"I had the chance to appreciate the great professionalism of Davide De Gobbi in the last few years, and it was a natural choice for Trident Racing to deal with his structure, March3, to evaluate the possible synergies for an expansion of our business. Trident Racing always looked to expand its interests towards new borders, especially in China and in the Middle East. We were the first team to start a partnership there, co-operating with an important Dubai group in order to expand our sponsor and partner base. All the teams must profit from the possibility to expand their businesses that the GP2 Asia offers. We`re also interested in developing a good technical partnership: the two technicians we had the chance to house did an outstanding job, proving to be competent, precise and extremely efficient. They knew that they could profit from our know-how to carry new experiences and abilities to help their in nation`s motorsport evolution".