Matteo Frolino joins Trident Racing.

Trident Racing is with no doubt higly-focused on preparing for the next season. Since having a top-quality technical staff is one of the main needs in the quest for victory, the team is proud to present the latest addition to the engineer`s crew: Matteo Frolino, formerly part of Toro Rosso`s F1 squad as an Aero Engineer with on-track support abilities, will surely increase the experience level of Trident Racing through the next season. Frolino, who earned an Engineer`s degree with a graduation thesis developed together with Ferrari F1, has a longtime experience in the sport, started in 2001. Since then, his roles grew progressively higher, pairing the experience as a Structural Engineer with the ones as an Aerodynamic Engineer. The newly arrived is set to replace Julien Simon-Chautemps, who accepted a new position in Formula 1. Trident Racing also want to thank Julien for the great job done, wishing him a successful future.

Alessandro Alunni Bravi, Team Principal

"We`re preparing ourselves for the new challenge that the 2008 GP2 Dallara will bring to all teams. The first step is to strengthen our yet high-level technical staff with a new Engineer, Matteo Frolino. He`s set to be an important part of the new car`s aerodynamic development, since next year`s aerodynamic changes will evolve our cars to a new level, closer than ever to Formula 1. We decided to take the first steps in this field by hiring a top-level Aerodynamic Engineer, with a young age and an highly-motivated approach as well as a good level of experience. In the next few days we`ll be able to announce another addition to our technical crew. I`m very thankful to Matteo Frolino, who truly accepted a new challenge with us. We`re sure we`ll provide him with a top-quality organizational level".

Matteo Frolino, Engineer

"After a long experience in Formula 1, I consider my new adventure with Trident Racing a further step in my professional career. I`m aware of the big differences between the two series, both in terms of general environment and in terms of technical differences between the cars but, that said, the GP2 Series proved to be, from an engineering standpoint, even tougher than F1 itself, where everything is engineered and developed to the extreme limit. The opportunity to work together with Graziano Michelacci had a decisive impact on my choice, since we know each other well and we co-operated many times at Minardi`s. I`m not laying any goals out, apart from doing the best I can together with the team".