Collective test

Julian Leal
DAY 3: 1'48"499
Dani Clos
DAY 3: 1'47"567

Rodolfo Gonzalez
DAY 4: 1'47"425
Adrian Zaugg
DAY 4: 1'48"362

Running at the Abu Dhabi racing venue, Trident Racing officially brought the team's 2010 season to an end by entering the last two days of collective tests scheduled for the past weekend. On the Yas Marina track, the team fielded four drivers: Julian Leal and Dani Clos ran on Saturday, followed by Rodolfo Gonzalez and Adrian Zaugg on Sunday.

The team was largely satisfied with the session's balance at the end of the four days, with at least one car being constantly into the top-10. Everybody at Trident Racing had a clear vision of how the great job done could be key for 2011, when new cars and the new Pirelli tires will force everybody to completely rethink their approach to the series.

The team owned by Maurizio Salvadori is now ready for a really important part of the year. Despite engines will be stopped for two months, Trident Racing will be busy in finalizing the deal for the 2011 team-mate of Stefano Coletti, ad in organizing an early-starting new season, set to get green lights on February at Abu Dhabi with the first GP2 Asia Series event of the year.

Luca Zerbini, Managing Director

"We came to a really positive conclusion of this long collective test, and we're aware of having worked great over the whole four days. The second half of the testing activity here at Abu Dhabi confirmed how quickly Julian Leal has adapted to the GP2 Series, as he went back on-track together with Dani Clos. He's still working hard to learn how to take the best out of his car, but his feedback and his progression have been largely positive. Clos also provided some valuable feedback - thanks to his huge experience - and enabled the team's engineers to hand him a really suitable car. The Spaniard also thanked the whole squad at the end of the day for the support given, as confirmed by the 5th fastest laptime he held on the PM segment. Rodolfo Gonzalez was thankful too: the Venezuelan followed the team's advice, and constantly improved his laptimes, ending up with some really positive marks. The only episode of bad luck we had during the last two days involved Adrian Zaugg, who experienced some physical issues, as he suffered from a worsening right wrist problem. As his forearm became swollen and started to ache, he completed the scheduled work, though his laptimes didn't do him justice".

-source: tridnet racing