GP2 / 08 Passes FIA Formula One Safety Tests

The GP2 Series has the pleasure of announcing that yesterday the new GP2 / 08 car, which will form the basis of competition for the GP2 Series from 2008 to 2010, successfully passed the final test of the F1 2007 safety homologation process.

The new GP2 / 08 has been submitted to, and has passed:

- Survival cell side push tests
- Survival cell fuel tank floor push test
- Survival cell side panel penetration test
- Front roll hoop push test
- Rear roll hoop push test
- Front impact structure side push test
- Rear impact structure side push test
- Front 2007 F1 impact test
- Side 2007 F1 impact test
- Rear 2007 F1 impact test
- Steering column impact test

All the tests have been conducted under the supervision of an FIA safety delegate.

In addition to satisfying to the above tests, Zylon anti intrusion side panels weighing no less than a total of 8 kg have been fitted to the monocoque.

The GP2 / 08, designed by Dallara, is now the only racing car in the world outside Formula One, which matches in every aspect the very latest 2007 F1 FIA safety standards.

The GP2 Series is incredibly proud to have its new car homologated to the highest FIA safety standards and wishes to thank everyone at Dallara for their continued work and expertise in helping us to create what is not only one of the most exciting racing championships in the world, but also one of the safest.