With the three days of testing in Le Castellet, held earlier this week, the 2009 GP2 season is officially over. The F.1 feeder series won't be back on track before February, so it's time for everybody to assess what happened in the past months.

In Scuderia Coloni, obviously, the mood is very good: after the team went on track with the new name, precisely Scuderia Coloni, it was steadily at the top of the GP2 field. The first win arrived in the sprint race of the team's home race in Monza, with Luiz Razia, and Andreas Zuber was going to do the same in Portimao, being stopped only by a misunderstanding with the Safety-Car which costed him a drive through and, consequently, the race lead.

Also in testing, Scuderia Coloni confirmed the same competitiveness seen in the last races of the Main Series, managing to place at least one of his drivers in the top five in every single day of testing. In Jerez the stars were Davide Valsecchi, fastest on the first day, and Alberto Valerio, second fastest on the following day.

In Abu Dhabi, for GP2 Asia testing, Scuderia Coloni was again on top with the talented Roldan Rodriguez, second fastest in both days thanks to a great job from the team's staff. Then, just some days ago on the Paul Ricard circuit, things didn't change, with Will Bratt in fourth position at the end of the last two days of testing, which meaned a top level season ending for Scuderia Coloni.

Paolo Coloni: "I'm very happy about the beginning of this new adventure. Monza's victory, coupled with the brilliant results we had in testing, are the prize for the huge work we undertook last year when we decided to strengthen our staff. I would like to thank all the guys for their wonderful job, which was crucial to grow to this level. The recent great results are a further boost towards a top-notch 2010 season, for which we will choose a strong driver line-up in order to challenge our competitors for the Main Series title".

-credit: scuderiacoloni