From the 30th of October to the 2nd of November Racing Engineering, as well as all the other GP2 series teams, will participate in four days of testing at the French track of Paul Ricard. This will be the last outing for 2007 before the start of the 2008 season where the new car designed by Dallara will be raced, the first of a new three year cycle for the Formula 1 feeder series.

For Racing Engineering these four days of testing will be very useful to evaluate several drivers as they look for the ideal candidate to be Javier Villa's team-mate next season. At Paul Ricard there will be six drivers testing the Repsol/Telefonica backed Dallaras during the four days, comprising of morning and afternoon sessions as is usual in GP2 series testing.

For two days the Spaniard Marcos Martinez, who has already raced as Villa's team mate at Racing Engineering, will be driving together with the Finn Markus Niemela who also has GP2 experience after entering several races in the second part of the 2007 season.

The other four drivers who will share the two Racing Engineering cars will drive one day each. They will be the Italian Luca Filippi, fourth overall in the 2007 GP2 series, the Franco-Swiss Romain Grosjean who has just been crowned F3 Euroseries champion, the Italian Paolo Nocera, the current Italian F3 champion, and the Brazilian Alberto Valerio, eighth in this year's British F3 series.

They are all young drivers with proven skills as their excellent results in GP2 and other categories show, and during the four days of testing at Paul Ricard they will have the chance to show their talent under the eyes of the Racing Engineering staff, for whom these tests are very interesting as they will allow them to watch closely how each driver works with the team.

The four days of Paul Ricard testing will also mean the end of the current GP2 cycle that started in 2005. The next testing will be in 2008 with the new single seater designed by Dallara for the next three years of the series.