Home Magic

Monza is one of the very few venues were Grand Prix racing gains quite a sacred sense. The magic in the park, in fact, is not felt just by the Italian tifosi but even, maybe even more, by the foreigner fans. For GP2 series Monza represents the last event of this outstanding 2006 championship. For Trident Racing, whose headoffice is located in Milan, this superfast track is the real homecircuit. After the Turkish victory, the whole team is motivated as never before to get back on the homerace podium. It will not be easy, as always happens in GP2, but challenge is the best fuel for Trident Racing's engine.

Gimmi Bruni - driver # 26
"Quite for sure Monza will be my last GP2 race. Obviously I would like to give my farewell to this fantastic championship in the best way: winning. In GP2 I experienced very difficult moments but even outstanding moments, being able to win three beautiful races that I will never forget. I really desire to close in the best possible way this championship that probably is the best in the world of motor-racing".

Andreas Zuber - driver # 27
"Now that I am part of the GP2 group of winning drivers, I feel Monza as even a stronger challenge. This time is different because for me Monza is magic. There are the tifosi, there is the history, there is a superfast track. But overall Monza is my team's real homerace. So I should like to bring home another good result to pay back the wonderful job they did for me during the whole season".

-credit: trident racing