Retirement blues  

The 2006 GP2 season ended with a bang, or to be more accurate two of them, for Racing Engineering today when Adam Carroll and Javier Villa were both punted out of race two at Monza, bringing to a close a frustrating weekend where the team was unable to show the speed they knew they had or improve their position in the final standings of the championship.  

Javi started the race from ninth place this morning and made a great start to put himself just behind Nelson Piquet Jr but Jose Maria Lopez had other plans for the Spaniard: Lopez failed to brake in time for the first corner and broke Javi's rear wing: he limped back to the pits, but he was unable to continue. Meanwhile Adam had a strong start despite a stalled car in front of him and fought his way up from 21st to 12th before also being thumped out of the race, this time due to some questionable driving by Felix Porteiro.  

The double retirement meant that Racing Engineering was unable to add to their points tally in the final round of the championship: the team finished seventh in the championship with a points tally of 33. Adam scored all of the team's points this year, finishing equal seventh in the driver's championship, while Javi finished his training season in twenty sixth position.  

Alfonso: "I think some serious brain fade happened in this race: Adam and Javi were both in for a good race until they got knocked out. Javi had a good start and was right behind Nelsinho, where he probably would have had a really good race, but unfortunately Lopez's brain fade kicked in and he hit Javi from behind, so that was his race over. Adam was just plucking them off through the race and was looking really good, and then Porteiro came from out of nowhere and hit him in the back: I really don't understand what that was about, but Adam probably would have been in the points if he finished too. It is a really sad end to a weekend where we had the cars to really do something: both the drivers were happy with their cars, they both did really good jobs, and everything was there to get good points, but I guess the gods and the brains of other drivers wouldn't allow it. We have to look forward to next year, and the car we have now allows us to have a really good base for next season: we're not changing any of the personnel because we are really happy with everyone here and everyone works well together, so hopefully we will build up from here."  

Adam: "That kind of sums up the championship, really! It's a shame this weekend because we could have come away with fifth place in the championship, especially with everyone else crashing and coming off. Yesterday was unfortunate with the wheel nut falling off, and today I had a bit of a moment at the start because there was a stalled car in front of me and I brushed the wall, but the car was fine and I was coming through the field well. I was up to twelfth, but Porteiro just rammed me off and bent my wishbone, and that was it. It's just really frustrating, but I want to say a big thanks to the guys for all of their hard work and the opportunity to race with them this year."  

Javi: "It was not such a good one today! I started ninth and I thought with this it is possible to race, but in the first corner Lopez crashed into me, and it finished my race. For sure there are better ways to finish the championship! It's a shame, because the car felt really good, but that's the way it goes."

-credit: re