Bravo Andreas!

Trident Racing today had an unhappy moment, when Gimmi Bruni had to stop because of a wheel lost after the pitstop, but even a much happier moment, when Andres Zuber took the final seventh place. Andi took home two points but the chance to start tomorrow race from the first row as well.

Andreas Zuber # 27 -- seventh position
"After so many unlucky races finally the bad luck forgot me. I'd like to thank the team for the very good car they gave me. I did a good race bringing home a couple of important points. I also drove the second fastest lap, which makes me even happier. Tomorrow I will start from the first row and, considering that I get a very good car, I will have the chance to take something more that just some points. I don't want to do forecasts but for sure I will hardly try to do it".

Gimmi Bruni # 26 -- retired
"The car was alright so I surely had the chance to drive a good race. My strategy was to do an early pitstop but when I came back on track, after few corners, I lost the right rear wheel. That was the end of my race, obviously I am disappointed but this is racing. Things like this could happen".

-credit: tr