Bravissimo Andi

Andreas Zunber won dominating from flag to flag the superb race 2 here in Istanbul. Gimmi Bruni, who kicked off from the last slot of the grid, recovered eleven positions taking the final fifteenth. Trident Racing have so accomplished the mission to support Andi to the podium. Bravissimo Andi.

Andreas Zuber # 27 -- winner
"First of all I wish to thank Trident Racing for giving me a perfect car. The boys did an outstanding job. I am happy because I believe I paid them back winning a race from flag to flag, always being in full control of the situation. I did a great start so I have been able to lead the whole race. It is fantastic, even considering the great battle behind me, today nobody could have taken away the victory from my hands. This has been my day and I dedicate my first victory to a very special person: my brother Christian.

Gimmi Bruni # 26 -- fifteenth
"My compliments to Andi for his maiden victory and for the way he took it. I am sorry just because,considering the level of our cars, without the bad luck of yesterday today we could have jumped together over the first two steps of the podium".