Alex fourth on Turkish grid

I set the third fastest time in this morning's free practice session at the Istanbul Park track, in 1.37.334 with Piquet and Pantano the only ones ahead of me on 1.36.753 and 1.36.965 respectively. Early in the morning the weather conditions were already very hot on the track and that made the driving conditions in the session quite tricky.

Last year, the track was dirty and new. This year during the 11 laps I drove I could see that it had improved a bit. I love this track and its really challenging corners -- not only the famous turn 8. It's very much like driving on a PlayStation game except the fact that physically we're driving at our limits in each of the corners.

I was hoping for pole in the afternoon qualifying session but it was not to be. My times were ok with my first set of tyres and I was second fastest at the time. Then I made a small mistake on my last lap which comes about as you want to push harder and go faster and faster. Unfortunately the smallest mistake can cost you heavily.

A lot of drivers went off today, exploring the limits including Fairuz Fauzy, Nicolas Lapierre, Jason Tahinci, Hiroki Yoshimoto, Adam Caroll, Clivio Piccione and even my team mate Lewis Hamilton.

The car was not too difficult to drive today despite the very hot conditions. Let's see how the weather will be tomorrow, and what sort of conditions we will have. Tomorrow, my priority will be to take a perfect and fast start from the second row and our strategy should do the rest. The race should be interesting!

-credit: ap