Ho-Pin Tung scored a 13th and a 7th place in the two GP2-races of this weekend at the Hockenheim circuit in Germany. Results the young Chinese had to fight hard for. In both races there were heavy battles, some of them making the cars collide. An overambitious Valsecchi banged into Ho-Pin's Trident which desperate action did bend his steering bracket. This incident made Ho-Pin loose a pretty sure top ten result. Sunday things went much better with a very good start from 13th position and a good pace. He finished seventh, just outside the points.

'It was a rather hectic weekend,' Ho-Pin explained after the race on Sunday. 'Free practice went rather well, about my qualification I was not happy, I had to start Race 1 from 17th place on the grid.' He explains that the irresponsible action by Valsecchi bent his steering bracket causing a very difficult to drive Trident-car for the rest of the race. 'But as it started to rain I was able to push in spite of the handling of the car, but again there was a touche, this time by Valerio, 'This made Ho-Pin spin and he ended the race at P 13, where a top ten finish could have been possible. 'I lost a lot of time with the spin. In the very last lap of the race unfortunately I had to let the top of the field pass, lapping me, but blue flags must be obeyed, these are the rules .'

On Sunday thing went a lot better. With again a rocket start Ho-Pin was engaged in many battles at the German track. 'I had a good pace, at half of the race my tyres performed less, but I was able to race Parente. I missed the speed to overtake him, due to my tyres.

'Seventh place it was at the finish line, a hard fought for seventh place,' Ho-Pin concluded.' It is a pity of the missed points on Saturday.'

-credit: hopintung.com