During the one and only day Ho-Pin took part in the official GP2 testing days at the Paul Ricard track in France he spent more time watching his fellow competitors driving by while he was stranded with mechanical problems. Nevertheless he ended the day positive about his own performance and the teams performance as well. The young Chinese driver was invited by GP2 frontrunner Team Campos. 'A nice team with great mechanics', was his brief comment after finishing his day of testing. Two broken gearboxes and a failing fuelpump prevented Ho-Pin Tung to strive for competative lap times.

Ho-Pin Tung started in the Campos GP2 machine on old tyres. "I had a great feeling for the car, it was great until the gearbox suffered some serious damage. "The team did a great job revising the gearbox in only 3,5 hours!" Fitted with a new gearbox and new tyres Ho-Pin steered the car to the track again and prepared for a fast laptime when the fuelpump failed followed by another gearbox problem. "It's a mechanical sport,"comments the young driver.

-credit: hopintung.com