Durango - 2nd GP2 Series Winter Test - Jerez, Spain

Maldonado: "Double debut for me, my first GP2 run and a new track. I wasn't intimidated from my first GP2 test; however, I admit that it took me time to get use of the new car.

I'll push the best I can and I improved all the time, there is work to do, but I'm confident that I have the ability to get the car set up to suit my style perfectly.

Thanks to all the Durango staff, by the end of the test the relationship between me and them had already started to gel.

Bruni's effort was focused on the set up. Unfortunately, he couldn't take advantage of second set of tyres because the last session ended in advanced for a red flag.

Surely he could be among the top five.

Durango Team will be at Paul Ricard, France - at the start of December (1st and 2nd) for the last GP2 winter test 2005.