Durango second evening in qatar

Davide Valsecchi sixth and Michael Dalle Stelle twentieth, this is the result for the Durango drivers at the end of Qatar GP2 Asia Series Race 1. Davide Valsecchi declared: "I made a good start immediately recovering three positions but then, during the race, I had graining problems. I think I did the right things, I fought, I difended myself and I attacked but every time I was forcing the rhythm I had to slow down to clean the tyres. Now we will accurately analyze what happened to understand to origin of this problem. Tomorrow I will start from the second row, the car is very fast, which means I will be very busy in order to recover as much points as possible for the championship".

In Speedcar Durango shone in qualifying thanks to the brilliant second place claimed by Jacques Villeneuve, while Christopher Zoechling finished tenth because of an exhaust failure. During the following Race 1 the two got less then they deserved, not for their fault but because of hard contacts caused by others. So Jacques Villeneuve took the fifth place and Christopher Zoechling the ninth. Jacques said: "I am quite happy with my second place in qualifying, a bit less with my race result. Anyway the things started to come for good at least".

-credit: durango