Petronas announced last week that the company has executed a sponsorship agreement to sponsor Fairuz Fauzy, currently one of the best Malaysian racing drivers, to compete in the newly-launched GP2 Series with DAMS.

The Malaysian oil and gas multinational, a familiar name around the Formula One paddock, began its global-exposure campaign with the sponsorship of the Sauber Petronas F1 team in 1995. Since then, the branding endeavour has developed into technology acquisition, product research and development, and human capability building programmes for Petronas and Malaysia.

Jean-Paul Driot, CEO of DAMS : "It is an honour for us to compete in the GP2 Series with such a prestigious name on our cars. Our common ambition is to be a leading team in the field of GP2. Petronas supports the team and emerging talent from Malaysia Fairuz Fauzy for one of the greatest challenge of DAMS' History."

Rosman Roslan, Senior Manager of Petronas Motorsports : "Petronas foray into motorsports has always been backed by a pure business-related objective. In this particular regard, the brand exposure for Petronas in the new GP2 series with DAMS presents an excellent opportunity to complement the current global exposure that Petronas enjoys through the existing motorsports sponsorship portfolio, in particular the company's presence in F1."

Yesterday the new DAMS GP2 car went on track for the very first time.

Eric Boullier, Managing Director of DAMS : "All the team is really enthusiastic and excited to work on this car. The level of technology is impressive, the GP2 car is a major step in the world of single seater racing, especially if we compare the car with the series of the previous years, we are getting closer and closer to Formula 1. This test is a kind a shake down for the teams, we are all fixing little problems and getting familiar with the car as usual for a new race car, there is no point is working on performance at the moment."

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