Bridgestone Motorsport renews GP2 Series official tyre deal

Bridgestone Motorsport is delighted to confirm today that it has renewed its deal to be the official tyre of the GP2 Series and will supply tyres for the new specification GP2 Series car for three years until the end of the 2010 season.

Director of Bridgestone Motorsport, Mr. Hiroshi Yasukawa said: "Bridgestone is extremely proud to continue its involvement with the GP2 Series as its official tyre supplier. Three years ago no-one would have expected the series to be quite so successful but the strength of the relationship between Mr Ecclestone, Renault and Bridgestone has made the series achieve its aim of being the final stepping stone to Formula One.

"We have worked with the series since the beginning and this has been a great success for Bridgestone. For drivers like Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, Heikki Kovalainen and Scott Speed, the series has provided the perfect grounding for them to achieve their goal of getting into Formula One. We hope that Bridgestone can help create more future F1 drivers through our continuation with the GP2 Series."

>From 2008, the GP2 Series will use the all new GP2 / 08 chassis designed by Dallara. The GP2 / 08 is closer to Formula One design in both aesthetics and efficiency than any GP2 Series car before, and together with a revised Renault 4l V8 engine and Mecachrome gearbox, the GP2 / 08 is set to run at speeds even closer to F1 than the current generation of GP2 Series cars. The GP2 / 08 and its future developments will be used in the series, which follows the European rounds of the FIA Formula One World Championship as well as having stand-alone events, until 2010.

The new car will undergo a test programme using Bridgestone's current range of slick Potenza GP2 racing tyres to ensure their compatibility with the new chassis.

Bridgestone's relationship with the GP2 Series stretches beyond being the official tyre supplier and the GP2 Series has been used as a key vehicle in Bridgestone's involvement with the Make Roads Safe and Think Before You Drive safety campaigns. Safety is at the fore of any motorsport in which Bridgestone is involved and the new GP2 / 08 car has been designed by chassis manufacturer, Dallara, to pass the same crash tests that 2008 Formula One cars will have to undergo.

The GP2 Series has also been used to find several budding young journalists through Bridgestone's successful annual e-reporter contest. Bridgestone's Dreams at heArt children's drawing contest has also used the series after decorating a GP2 car with the winning entries and taking it to various locations around Europe for display.

-credit: bridgestonemotorsportmedia