Clivio fights till the last to finish 7th

Clivio drove a strong race with some spectacular overtaking manoeuvres to finish just out of the points in 7th position in the last race of the GP2 championship in Bahrain.

From 13th on the grid, Clivio shot off the start line and was up to 9th place after the first corner. He held his position between Alvarez and Carroll until lap 6 when Carroll overtook him and he slipped down to 10th. When Lapierre got a puncture on lap 9, Clivio moved up to 9th and then to 8th when Alvarez ran wide and Clivio took his chance to overtake him. On lap 13 Clivio saw himself back in 10th as Alvarez and Fauzy got passed him, but he immediately retaliated passing Fauzy two laps later. Clivio continued his charge on Alvarez, overtaking him on the inside in the tricky downhill hairpin on lap 18. With two laps to go in the 23 lap sprint race, Clivio passed Adam Carroll in turn 1 and went in hot pursuit of Yoshimoto for 6th place and 1 championship point. But there was not enough time to catch the Japanese driver before the chequered flag and Clivio crossed the line in 7th on Yoshimoto's tail but just out of the points.


"I enjoyed the race today, I did some good overtaking moves and there was lots of action on the track around me.

I got a great start off the line and headed to the first corner on the outside whereas everyone seemed to line up on the inside so I got passed four cars there. I was following a group of cars behind Alvarez and ahead of Carroll. The car was going well at the beginning then mid-race I started to struggle with the tyres and had more understeer. Then this improved and I was able to fight again in the last half of the race. On lap 6 Carroll got passed me and on lap 13 I didn't come out well from one of the corners and Fauzy and Alvarez got passed me. I went straight on the attack and passed Fauzy under braking two laps later. It was a good move and I think he didn't expect it.

I went in pursuit of Alvarez and caught him on the inside of Turn 8. I was then behind Carroll and kept close on his rear looking for an opportunity. I tried one attack which didn't work and then got a good run on the straight and passed him on the outside of the first corner. Yoshimoto had a good lead by then but I saw my chance of a championship point and pushed as hard as I could to catch him. But with two laps left there just wasn't enough time, I needed one more lap.

I am pleased with today's race, that there was a good fight in the last race of the championship and that I got in some good overtaking manoeuvres too! The car wasn't perfect but was good enough to race and of course it was a big improvement on yesterday. Mid-race the car was tricky and I dropped down to 10th but I pulled back up to 7th and that is satisfying."