Race 1
No. 26 Alberto Valerio, 16th.
No. 27 Chris Van der Drift, DNF.

Trident Racing had to face a true nightmare experience today at Dubai. In the first race of the GP2 Asia Series` weekend in the United Arab Emirates, Chris Van der drift stalled on the starting grid, and was forced to take off from the pit-lane. The new Zealander started lapping fairly well, making up part of the lost time. During his first stop though, his car clipped one of the team`s crewmen, Aleandro Ipuche, who was treated for some bruises but suffered no fractures. Chris ended his day on the spot, while Alberto Valerio managed to complete his race with a less animated tough flawless performance in 16th. He`ll be starting tomorrow`s Race 2 from row 8. The 23-lap long race will be starting at 13:00 (GMT+4) and will be televised live on Eurosport.

Chris Van der Drift

"Today`s race is really something to forget. After the troubled start, with a problem experienced on the grid, we had a pit-lane incident that provided huge moments of tension. The only positive note is that our crewman didn`t report any serious injury. The rest... well, it`s something to get rid of soon...".

Alberto Valerio

"I drove a pretty linear race today, with the main concern being the track`s condition. I`m constantly improving my confidence with the car, and the team is starting to understand my driving style and set-up preferences. I hope to improve my pace tomorrow too, and manage to recover some more spots. I count on the track`s many passing opportunities".

-credit: tridentracing.it