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David Haskell and Selby Wellman stand atop the SGS podium for the first time at Trois-Rivières Fans look into the #44 Zippo Mustang
The #47 Zippo Mustang takes a turn grandcup-2001-tr-tm-0111
grandcup-2001-tr-tm-0107 grandcup-2001-tr-tm-0109
grandcup-2001-tr-tm-0110 grandcup-2001-tr-tm-0108
grandcup-2001-tr-tm-0102 grandcup-2001-tr-tm-0101
grandcup-2001-tr-tm-0104 The #15 Motorsport Technologies Porsche leads the Powell Motorsports Corvette through the streets of Trois-Rivières
grandcup-2001-tr-tm-0103 grandcup-2001-tr-tm-0105
Speedsource's Selby Wellman shows off his first SGS winners' trophy
grandcup-2001-tr-tm-0106 The #11 Powell Motorsports Corvette became the #111 at Trois-Rivières when the SGS class joined the Rolex Sports Car Series GT and AGT entries in a race