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PacWest Racing Group bgn-2001-mil-tc-1732
bgn-2001-mil-tc-1738 bgn-2001-mil-tc-1728
bgn-2001-mil-tc-1767 bgn-2001-mil-tc-1709
Sigma Autosport bgn-2001-mil-tc-1703
bgn-2001-mil-tc-1766 bgn-2001-mil-tc-1763
bgn-2001-mil-tc-1724 Patrick Carpentier, Paul Tracy and Alex Tagliani having fun during a rain delay
Patrick Carpentier, Paul Tracy and Alex Tagliani discussing during a rain delay bgn-2001-mil-tc-1698
bgn-2001-mil-tc-1759 bgn-2001-mil-tc-1697
bgn-2001-mil-tc-1689 Newman/Haas Racing
bgn-2001-mil-tc-1742 bgn-2001-mil-tc-1696
Jimmy Vasser, Bruno Junqueira and Tony Kanaan bgn-2001-mil-tc-1680
Race winner Kenny Brack Scott Dixon, Bruno Junqueira and Nicolas Minassian
The start: the rest of the field Technical inspection for Mo Nunn Racing
bgn-2001-mil-tc-1736 bgn-2001-mil-tc-1699
Mauricio Guglemin The start: Kenny Brack in front of Helio Castroneves
Mauricio Gugelmin bgn-2001-mil-tc-1693
Patrick Carpentier on a Harley-Davidson bgn-2001-mil-tc-1743
bgn-2001-mil-tc-1733 bgn-2001-mil-tc-1717
bgn-2001-mil-tc-1710 bgn-2001-mil-tc-1683
bgn-2001-mil-tc-1719 Pitstop for Jimmy Vasser
Mauricio Gugelmin The Viper GTS pace car
bgn-2001-mil-tc-1765 bgn-2001-mil-tc-1741
bgn-2001-mil-tc-1716 bgn-2001-mil-tc-1708