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Sam Hornish Jr. Al Unser Jr.
Billy Boat and Jon Herb Buzz Calkins
Shigeaki Hattori on the apron after leaving pit road Chris Menninga
Panther Racing team in their cowboy hats Al Unser Jr.
Sarah Fisher Robbie Buhl
bgn-2001-naz-tc-0617 Sam Hornish Jr. receiving his trophy
Sam Hornish Jr. Greg Ray exiting the pits for the last time
Scott Sharp on pit road, notice the front tires Shigeaki Hattori
Airton Daré Notice the lock ring hanging on his chest
Laurent Redon leaving the pits Billy Boat and Didier André
Greg Ray entering the pits Buzz Calkins on pit road
Greg Ray leaving the pits, notice the left rear tire Billy Roe on the pit exit apron
Sam Hornish Jr., Robbie Buhl and Scott Sharp Eddie Cheever is having a bad day
Jeff Ward Sam Hornish Jr., Scott Sharp and Robbie Buhl at the checkered flag
Sam Hornish Jr., Robbie Buhl and Eliseo Salazar Panther Racing: Check out the fuelers helmets
Greg Ray Buddy Lazier
Greg Ray Scott Sharp