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Elton Sawyer
First lap Kevin Harvick
Greg Biffle Jay Sauter
Jeff Green
Kevin Harvick
Kevin Harvick fms-2001-ne-tc-2000
Jason Keller
Race action
Race action Race winner Jason Keller
Kevin Harvick
The start
Jason Keller
Kevin Lepage
Shane Hall Action on the back stretch
Pit action Jeff Green
Jason Keller
Greg Biffle
fms-2001-ne-tc-1980 Jason Keller
fms-2001-ne-tc-1979 Clay Rogers, beyond repair
Patrick Mullens
Jason Keller
Jeff Green
fms-2001-ne-tc-1997 Green flag
Steve Park
fms-2001-ne-tc-1992 Jason Keller
Hank Parker Jr fms-2001-ne-tc-1981
Kevin Lepage backed into turn four Mike Skinner
Pit action
Gas man waiting
Rollin out fms-2001-ne-tc-1985