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Felipe Giaffone with girlfriend Alice Race action: Shigeaki Hattori, Didier André and Jeret Schroeder
Jason Keller Race action: Felipe Giaffone, Robbie Buhl and Sam Hornish Jr.
Eddie Cheever Robby McGehee
Robbie Buhl
Mark Dismore and Didier André Race action: Billy Boat and Shigeaki Hattori
Elton Sawyer passes Shane Hall Eddie Cheever
Kansas Speedway grandstands Scott Sharp
Robbie Buhl in pitlane The start
Robby McGehee
Pitstop for Buzz Calkins Greg Biffle
Pitstop for Kevin Lepage after running out of gas Technical inspection
Sarah Fisher
Race winner Jeff Green Sarah Fisher
Race winner Eddie Cheever
Sarah Fisher and Felipe Giaffone Felipe Giaffone
Jeret Schroeder Buddy Lazier and Airton Daré
Robbie Buhl and Airton Daré Pitstop for Jeff Green
Kevin Lepage
Donnie Beechler Billy Roe
Jeret Schroeder Sarah Fisher
Jeret Schroeder Donnie Beechler
Kansas Speedway Race winner Eddie Cheever
Robby McGehee
Eddie Cheever and Sam Hornish Jr. Shigeaki Hattori