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Dave Westhem, Tony McCormack Chevrolet Class 8000 Pro Herman Motorsports on course - Jefferies, Herman
Damen Jefferies, Rob Herman 1400 champions Dudley Tranum, Kalie Vierra Class 8000 Pro Jeep
Jason Balwin, Case Gunderson Trick Truck Ford
Craig Turner Class 7200 Fabtech Ranger Herman Motorsports Class 1400 2001 Champions
Steve Hengeveld Honda contingency row
Johnny Campbell  Honda contingency row
Damen Jefferies Trick Truck contingency Row
Greg Foutz, Steve Wheeler Ford F250 on course
Sam Berri Racing Rob MacCachren Ford Ranger coming into pits
Duncan Racing - Roll Design Quads  contingency row ACE Motorsports Explorer
Harvey Mortorsports' Porter - tech inspection Ace Motorsports' Ford Expedition 4100 Pro Class
Ricky Long Fabtech Class 7100 Ace Motorsports' side view Ford Expedition
Mike Falkosky's Explorer Sport 3100 class
Ford Ranger kicking up dust
Foutz Motorsports getting new FMI logos
Ace Motorsports' new paint job LASD Racing for Kids on contingency row
Mike Harvey, Steve Harvey Class 2000 Pro on course LASD Ford Ranger on contingency row
Quad Sportsman Expert of Bill Pierson, Mark May tech inspection
Steve Olliges Team Ford Ranger start line
American Honda pre-start - Campbell, Hengeveld LASD chatting with two local young men
Rod Hall Hummer Pro Class 4100 start line LASD at Ford Motorhome on contingency row
Mark Stein, Mike McComas start line
Rod Hall's Hummer getting ready for start ACE Motorsports Explorer
Buggy Car on course
Foutz Motorsports' crew working on Ford F250
Kyle Taylor, Gordon McKiel Class 8000 Pro Chevy ACE Motorsports Explorer
Left in the dust Team Robinson Racing's Class 8100 Hummer
Chase in the desert ACE Motorsports Explorer
Sunderland Racing Ford on course ACE Motorsports Explorer
Trucks lined up for start positions Sun rises on Team Robinson's Hummer