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George Bignotti
Chris Menninga St. Louis Rams cheerleaders
Jason Priestly and Galles Racing Starz SuperPak Crew
Pre-race show
Anthony Lazzaro Galles Racing Starz SuperPak Crew
Didier André The podium: Mark Dismore, Al Unser Jr. and Sam Hornish Jr.
Billy Roe Al Unser Jr. celebrating with Team Galles Racing
Accident for Donnie Beechler
Al Unser Jr.
Shigeaki Hattori Al Unser Jr.
Chris Menninga Didier André
St. Louis Rams cheerleader
Jaques Lazier Robby McGehee and Mark Dismore
Cheever Indy Racing Infiniti Welcome to Gateway International Raceway
Felipe Giaffone visiting St. Louis
Sam Schmidt giving a check on behalf of his fundation Airton Daré
Eliseo Salazar
Mark Dismore Mark Dismore
Sam Hornish Jr. Buddy Lazier and Eddie Cheever
St. Louis skyline Donnie Beechler
Al Unser Jr. and his trophy
The start: Sam Hornish Jr. leading the field Morning session
Buddy Lazier Billy Roe
Jeff Ward
Alex Barron Al Unser Jr. receiving the Lacroix Watch Award
Robby McGehee leading the field Chris Menninga
Billy Boat Eddie Cheever
Eliseo Salazar Pit stop for Sam Hornish Jr.
Eliseo Salazar
Jaques Lazier Scott Sharp