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George Mack Raul Boesel
Dan Wheldon Sarah Fisher and Laurent Redon
Greg Ray Billy Boat, Scott Mayer and Laurent Redon
Ashton Lewis takes a hard hit from Jack Sprague... ... then both cars burst into flames
Robbie Buhl Robbie Buhl
Firestone Firehawk tires Buddy Rice
Eliseo Salazar Buddy Rice
Billy Boat Sam Hornish Jr.
Al Unser Jr. Billy Boat
Eliseo Salazar
Will Langhorne
Felipe Giaffone
Eliseo Salazar
Scott Mayer
Will Langhorne
Sarah Fisher
Eddie Cheever Scott Mayer
Scott Sharp
Hideki Noda
Billy Boat Will Langhorne
Eliseo Salazar Hideki Noda
Dan Wheldon
Dreyer & Reinbold crew
Greg Ray
Eliseo Salazar
Harrah's Racing pit area Airton Daré
Hideki Noda Scott Sharp
Billy Boat Dan Wheldon
Will Langhorne
Panther Racing crew