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Ian McKellar Jr.
Shane Lynch
Shane Lynch
Paul Mace, Colin Broster James Murphy, Ian McKellar Jr.
Michael Bentwood
Shane Lynch
Neil Cunningham and Ben Collins Marco Attard, Nick Adams
Ben Collins, Neil Cunningham Stephane Ratel, Jonathan France
Ben Collins and Neil Cunningham on the podium James Murphy
Anthony Reid Stephen Warburton, Peter Morris
Michael Caine James Murphy, Ian McKellar Jr.
Rory Fordyce, Piers Masarati Keith Ahlers, Oliver Bryant
Alan Bonner, Enzo Mucci Keith Ahlers, Oliver Bryant
Nick Adams and Marco Attard Enzo Mucci
Richard Hay, Gary Britnell Adam Wilcox
David Ashburn, Fred Moss Race action
Matt Griffin, James Brody Nick Adams, Marco Attard
Nathan Kinch, Andrew Kirkaldy Richard Hay, Gary Britnell
Hector Lester, Shane Lynch Chris Wilson, Alastair Davidson
Nick Adams, Marco Attard Steve Hyde, Phil Keen
Martin Rich, Julian Westwood Nick Adams and Marco Attard
Phil Quaife, Stuart Moseley Hector Lester, Shane Lynch
Neil Cunningham Stephen Warburton, Sean Edwards
Andrew Thompson Steven Wood and Stuart Scott