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The podium: Richard Philippe, Reed Stevens and Edoardo Piscopo Derek Burseth
Derek Burseth Derek Burseth
James Davison Derek Burseth
Tom Sutherland Nathan DePagter
Richard Philippe Darin Marcus
Edoardo Piscopo James Davison
Reed Stevens Justin Moon
Ryan Campbell Jules Duc
Derek Burseth Daniel Herrington
Richard Philippe Derek Burseth
Adrien Herberts Darin Marcus
Nathan DePagter Daniel Herrington
Edoardo Piscopo Jules Duc
James Davison Darin Marcus
Derek Burseth Daniel Herrington
Adrien Herberts Derek Burseth
Richard Philippe Derek Burseth
Darin Marcus Kevin Lacroix
Richard Philippe Nathan DePagter
Adrien Herberts Richard Philippe
Nathan DePagter Kevin Lacroix
Adrien Herberts Kevin Lacroix
Matt Lee Adrien Herberts
James Davison Matt Lee