Watkins Glen Star Mazda Post Race Quotes



Bernardo Martinez #15 -- First Place Finisher - It's fantastic! We had a little bit of an off on the first lap which was really disappointing. After we got back on we started last and just kept at it. Just kept working really hard. The guys were here until closing last night, like 11, 11:30 getting the car setup. We had a lot of things to do and they got the job done. I had no choice but to go out and do well.

Daniel Muniz #11 -- Second Place Finisher - I think this is a really incredible track. It's nice. My team's supported me so much in coming all the way out here to New York to race at this track. I'm really glad that we managed to fix our cars during the weekend. We had a little problem during practices but now it's right on. Unfortunately we couldn't have gotten up to first but I feel we had a really good battle. I had a lot of fun.

Bob Kaminsky #75 -- Third Place Finisher - I'm pretty happy! I wanted first but I kind of had a problem and wasn't sure where we were. I am happy with third but I wish we wouldn't have had that problem. It was a great run. Tony had a great run. There was a lot of drafting on the backside, which was pretty amazing. The second place guy had a better chance of winning then the first place guy because of the drafting was so strong.

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