Vesco Brothers Regain World Land Speed Record For USA With Thundering 458 Mph

Bonneville Salt Flats, UT -- Motorcyclist and automobile driver Don Vesco, Murrieta, CA, driving the Turbinator streamliner, designed by brother and racer Rick Vesco, Brigham City, UT, captured the absolute wheel-driven FIA Land Speed Record, smashing the 1964 turbine mark set by England's late Donald Campbell by more than 55 mph.

Participating in the SCTA/BNI World Finals time trials event, Vesco's new FIA averages were:

Flying Mile:  458.440 mph

Flying Kilometer: 458.208 mph / 737.414 kph

Top speed was a staggering 461 mph -- the fastest time ever recorded by a wheel-driven vehicle in the history of the sport, excluding jet and rocket-powered thrust-driven vehicles.

The official record certification process for the T-III FIA category, has already been initiated and once completed, will return -- for the first time in 37 years -- the wheel-driven honors to the United States of America.

Also a first, Don Vesco set three consecutive national records in excess of 400mph prior to the World Finals:

1997 - 400 mph
1998 - 417 mph
1999 - 427 mph

Additionally, Vesco is the first and only person to have held both the automotive and motorcycle Land Speed Records. He recorded three Federation of International Motorcycles (FIM) world records, one in 1976 and two during the 1978 season, the last at 318 mph that withstood 13 years of challenge.

Vesco's 1978 motorcycle record speed earned him the coveted HOT ROD Magazine Top Speed Trophy, when he tripped the flying mile clocks one-way on September 27, at 333 mph riding his hand built, Lightening Bolt Kawasaki Streamliner. He again earned the HOT ROD Trophy in 1999 and in 2001 driving the Turbinator.

For 2002, TEAMVesco intends to break the 500 mph barrier, and then reclaim the FIM World Record for motorcycles, currently at 322 mph and held by American Dave Campos.

The Vesco brothers would like to thank not only their loving families, but also their dedicated team members:

Crew Chief Nick Pappas, Engine Specialist Lance Morris, Lee Burkey, Paul Busta, Lonny Christensen, Elliot Estrine, Rick Haskell, Skip Hedrich, Bob Hodgkinson, Clark Kane, Gordon Menzies, Rob North, Alex MacFadzean, "LandSpeed" Louise Ann Noeth, Chris Shearer and Ed Shearer.

TEAMVesco is especially grateful to our many sponsors who have provided unwavering support through the years.