Tom Lepper becomes the only two time FLUIDYNE "Cool Move of the Race" winner at the US Touring Car Infineon round.

RICHMOND, California - The final round of the United States Touring Car Championship (USTCC), traveled to Infineon Raceway (Sears Point). The FLUIDYNE "Cool Move of the Race" was awarded to Thomas Lepper in his Impact Engineering/H&R Springs Honda Accord.

Lepper had been fast all weekend, qualifying second on the grid, hoping to give Honda the first win of the year in USTCC competition. After a disastrous start, Lepper moved up through the field until reaching 2002 SPEED World Challenge Touring Car Rookie of the Year Marc Kirberg, driving teammate Ken Dobson's BMW. After weighing the possibilities of a pass, Lepper saw his only chance to be a risky outside pass in turn six, Infineon's famous carousel turn. Now running side-by-side, down to turn seven, Lepper had the inside line and completed the pass at turn in. This move allowed Lepper to reach the third, and final podium spot, which was his second podium finish of the year, winning him the FLUIDYNE "Cool Move of the Race Award" for the second time this year, the only two-time winner of this prestigious award.