One of the most traditional Brazilian Races will be held today in Interlagos, the 500 Kilometers of Interlagos.

The circuit in São Paulo will start at 2:00 PM and will finish at 6:00 PM.

The Porsche from Regis Schuch and André Lara Rezende will start on pole position with the time of 1m42s227. "The car was a lot better today and we expect to win the race. We prefer that the track is dry" said the Porsche drivers.

On the outside of the first row is the AS Vectra from Athos Diniz and Delcio Correia, a brazilian car. The name was given to remember Ayrton Senna, F-1 triple world champion and one of the greatest drivers in history. Diniz made his best time with 1m42s520.

On the inside of the second row is the AS Vectra from Paulo Gomes, Ciro Aliperti and Belmiro Jr.

Interlagos will also host a Classic Races for cars older than 1975.

Marc Zimmermann,