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TVE Lite is the sequel to the original Televised Events which ended its 4 season publication run on 9 Nov. 1995. Unlike its predecessor, TVE Lite does not attempt to cover all televised motor sports. With a few exceptions, TVE Lite will attempt to report only those shows associated in some way with the following sanctioning bodies; NASCAR, USAC, ARCA, ASA, WOO, NHRA, and IHRA.

TVE Lite will usually be updated no later than every Friday morning and will be most accurate (or least inaccurate) for the following 7 days. If your favorite event is "tba'd", please don't panic unless it's in the 7 day window. PLEASE confirm dates and times with your local listings before setting your VCRs.

Several sources are utilized in the preparation of TVE Lite, however, I would like to especially recognize the invaluable assistance of Mr. Curt Swinehart as well as the fine folks at TNN (The Nashville Network).

Thanks to Crest Motorsports, TVE Lite listings are also available on the World-Wide-Web at URL http://www.fdt.net/~crest where they will be archived for an indeterminate period of time.

If you are having trouble with this list arriving at your site in a timely fashion, please let me know via e-mail and I will also start mailing you a copy.

Comments, suggestions, additions, extra pit passes, etc. to: stoffel@oasys.dt.navy.mil


(T)=Taped (L)=Live (SD)=Same Day (?)=dunno

12:00AM = 0000 hours = start of day


NASCAR, SONOMA (T) 11/16 3:00-4:00PM PSN* This Week In NASCAR w/Eli Gold (L) 11/16 8:00-9:00PM EMPS, HTS,PASS,PSN,PSN2,PSW,SCC,SCNE,SCOH,SCP,SCPH (from N. Myrtle Beach, Eli9s guest will be Jason Keller) NASCAR, SONOMA (T) 11/16 9:00-10:00PM PSN* This Week In NASCAR w/Eli Gold (T) 11/17 3:00-4:00AM PSN* WERA PRO, PORTLAND (T) 11/17 5:00-6:00AM PSN* NASCAR, SONOMA (T) 11/17 4:00-5:00PM PSN* ARCA, HAMPTON (T) 11/18 4:00-6:00AM ESPN This Week In NASCAR w/Eli Gold (T) 11/18 7:00-8:00AM PSN* NASCAR SUPERTRUCKS, POMONA (T) 11/18 9:00-11:00AM TNN NASCAR Today 11/18 11:00-11:30AM ESPN NHRA Today w/Steve Evans 11/18 2:00-2:30PM TNN Inside Winston Cup w/Ned Jarrett 11/18 2:30-3:00PM TNN IHRA, NITROUS NATIONALS, STEELE (T) 11/19 8:30-9:30AM ESPN2 NHRA Today w/Steve Evans 11/19 10:30-11:00AM TNN Inside Winston Cup w/Ned Jarrett 11/19 11:00-11:30AM TNN RaceDay w/Rick Benjamin (L) 11/19 11:30AM-12:00PM TNN IHRA, MUSCLE CAR SHOOTOUT, MEMPHIS (T)11/19 1:00-2:00PM ESPN2 In The Driver9s Seat 11/19 2:00-2:30PM ESPN2 BUSCH GN Awards Banquet 11/19 3:00-4:00PM TNN NHRA,WINSTON SELECT FINALS,GLENDORA(T)11/19 4:00-5:30PM TNN NHRA Today w/Steve Evans 11/19 6:30-7:00PM TNN Inside Winston Cup w/Ned Jarrett 11/19 7:00-7:30PM TNN RaceDay w/Rick Benjamin (L) 11/19 7:30-8:00PM TNN RPM 2Night 11/19 9:00-9:30PM ESPN2 BUSCH GN Awards Banquet 11/20 12:00-1:00AM TNN RPM 2Night 11/20 12:00-12:30AM ESPN2 RPM 2Night 11/20 9:00-9:30AM ESPN2 RPM 2Night 11/20 9:30-10:00AM ESPN2 IHRA SPORTSMAN, BUDDS CREEK (T) 11/20 4:30-5:00PM ESPN IHRA, EMPIRE NATIONALS, LEICESTER (T) 11/20 11:00PM-12:00AM ESPN2 Secrets Of Speed 11/21 11:00-11:30PM ESPN2 Secrets Of Speed 11/22 2:30-3:00AM ESPN2 Jeff Gordon Championship Special 11/22 3:30-4:00AM ESPN2 IHRA, JET NATIONALS, ATCO (T) 11/22 9:30-10:30PM ESPN2 NASCAR SUPERTRUCKS Awards Banquet 11/22 10:30-11:30PM ESPN2 NASCAR WINSTON WEST, BAKERSFIELD (T) 11/23 3:00-4:00PM PSN* In The Driver9s Seat 11/23 4:00-4:30PM ESPN2 WINSTON CUP, HAMPTON (T) 11/23 7:00-10:00PM ESPN2 NASCAR WINSTON WEST, BAKERSFIELD (T) 11/24 4:00-5:00AM PSN* NASCAR WINSTON WEST, BAKERSFIELD (T) 11/25 7:00-8:00AM PSN* WINSTON CUP, PHOENIX (T) 11/25 9:00-10:00AM TNN

----------COMING EVENTS----------

IHRA, NITROUS NATIONALS, STEELE (T) 11/25 12:00-1:00PM ESPN2 Inside Winston Cup w/Ned Jarrett 11/25 3:00-3:30PM TNN NHRA Today w/Steve Evans 11/25 3:30-4:00PM TNN NASCAR SUPERTRUCKS, SONOMA (T) 12/02 9:00-11:00AM TNN NASCAR ALL-PRO, MYRTLE BEACH (T) 12/03 4:00-5:30PM TNN USAC, COPPER WORLD CLASSIC, PHOENIX(T)12/04 12:00-1:30AM TNN LATE MODEL 200, NASHVILLE (T) 12/09 9:00-11:00AM TNN NASCAR ALL-PRO, MYRTLE BEACH (T) 12/11 12:00-1:30AM TNN SOUTH WEST TOUR 300, PHOENIX (T) 12/16 9:00-11:00AM TNN NASCAR ALL-PRO, MYRTLE BEACH (T) 12/17 4:00-5:30PM TNN WOO, KNOXVILLE NATIONALS (T) 12/18 12:00-1:30AM TNN WINSTON CUP, DAYTONA 500 (L) 02/18 tba tba

Network Designations

A&E Arts & Entertainment Network AMC American Movie Classics EMPS Regional Sports Network (New York) ESPN ESPN Sports Network ESPN2 ESPN Sports Network 2 (aka 3the deuce2) FAM The Family Channel (a NASCAR team sponsor!) HSE Regional Sports Network (Houston) HTS Regional Sports Network (Baltimore & DC) MSG Madison Square Garden NESN New England Sports Channel PASS Regional Sports Network (Detroit) PSN Prime Sports Network PSN2 Prime Sports Network (Midwest) PSNW Prime Sports Network (Northwest) PSN* Scheduled on several Prime affiliates. Check local listings. PSSW Prime Sports Network (Southwest) PSW Prime Sports Network (West) QVC home shopping SCC Sports Channel Chicago SCNE Sports Channel New England SCOH Sports Channel Ohio SCP Sports Channel Pacific SCPH Sports Channel Philly SPTS Sport South Network SUN Sunshine Network ( SE USA) TBS Atlanta "Super Station" TNN The Nashville Network