The Sixth round of the very competitive STCC Championship took place at Anderstorp circuit.

Bad week-end for the Engstrom Motorsport Team due to an engine failure.

It was a difficult race to manage as the weather often changed from dry to wet.

"After a shower, I went out using dry settings as the track was drying up."says Engstrom "Unluckily, just gone back on track and it started raining again. I had to come into the pit to put on rain tyres. At the end of qualifying, the race line started to dry out. It was the last minute and the fastest conditions. Unfortunately for me, I was the first to cross the chequered flag while the others got the opportunity to finish their last lap flat out. P11 was very disappointing for me and it was the first time that I won't participate in the Super Pole session."


" It was raining, so we bet on wet settings."continued Tomas "I had a really good start. It was quite impossible to see what was happening in front of me because of the water spray caused by the other cars. In spite of that, I started overtaking. My car was working very well thanks to the right balance we found in trainings. I could feel I was faster than the others and, in lap 8, I made sure I benefited from several competitors going into the pit , but my engine suddenly broke down. It was around P6 when it happened . At the moment, I am not lucky with engines, but we are working to make this situation change starting from the next race in Karlskoga "