Taking into account the feed back from the last race on this circuit, Engstrom Motorsport only had to make small improvements to the car. Tomas felt good about the qualifying session after the free practices.

Qualifying -- Super pole

"It was the most disputed and tight qualifying session since the beginning of the championship."explained Tomas "17 cars in one second and the first 12 in 3 tenth! I was qualified in 6th position only 1 tenth to the pole position. I was very satisfied to take part once again in the super pole during where I completed a nigh on perfect lap in spite of some over steering in the fast section. I was ranked 4th. Can you believe that the 7 first cars were classified into 2 tenth!"


Tomas started 4th on the grid and made a good start. He was second in the first corner.

"I was on the outside line when I was pushed out by 3 Audis following themselves and rolling like a train!"said Engstrom "I came back on the track in P5. During the last 16 laps, I kept the nose of my car closely attached to the first Audi in front of me. I believed my pit stop was better this time (11,5''). But back on the track, I was trapped in the traffic and I was told we lost 3 positions during the stop!

On a track like Knutstorp with cars having an equivalent level of performance, it was quite impossible to overtake. Nevertheless, I tried each time I had an opportunity but, unfortunately, the only result was that my car was destroyed both in the front and at the rear!

I crossed the line in 9th position, very disappointed because my Honda had the speed to aim for the podium but we applied a bad pit stop strategy.

Many thanks to my team. We will do better next time and try to win the last race of the season."concluded Tomas

-credit: www.JASmotorsport.com