THE OVERLAND 4000 August 28 thru September 2, 1995

The OVERLAND 4000/ A Great American Adventure is a six day automobile event covering 4000 miles of American highways. The event will test the dependability of contestants automobile and challenge their planning as each "leg" of the event travels over different driving conditions and distances. The contestant traveling the total distance in the time closest to the travel time established by the Overland 4000 committee AND answering most correctly the various travel contest questions is declared the winner. Each contestant will have the opportunity to win individual event "leg" contests in addition to being the "Overall" winner.

ENTRY FEE The entrance fee for each entrant/driver is $650.00. If four entrant/drivers are entered per vehicle the fee ill be $2,500.00. Payment will be directed to: The Overland 4000. First place Prize: 1995 Corvette or $25.000 CASH! Over $84,000 in total cash prizes will be awarded to 45 place winners!!.... All traveling expenses such as fuel, lodging and on the road food are the responsibility of the entrant. The Overland 4000 will provide for a continental breakfast each morning and a "lite" check-in meal each evening. The Overland 4000 committee will reserve lodging at each location for contestants if requested.

THE FIELD/Number of Entrants The field for 1995 will be limited to no more than 200 entrants (automobiles). Each vehicle entered must be driven by a minimum of two drivers. No more than four occupant/drivers will be allowed per vehicle entered. Each entrant for 1995 will have the first right of refusal to enter the event for 1996.

THE EVENT ROUTE Each year the event will establish different travel routes. Contestants will depart each location at 6:00 am each morning. For 1995 the travel route will be as follows:

Leg #1:        Start in Las Vegas, Nevada to Denver, Colorado        758 miles.
Leg #2:        Denver, Colorado to Rapid City, South Dakota        416 miles.
Leg #3:        Rapid City, SD to Minneapolis, Minnesota        577 miles.
Leg #4:        Minneapolis, MN to Indianapolis, Indiana        593 miles.
Leg #5:        Indianapolis, IN to Nashville, Tennessee        300 miles.
Leg #6:        Nashville, TN to Dallas, Texas                  659 miles.

For RULES, ADDITIONAL INFORMATION & OFFICIAL ENTRANCE FORMS please phone: 303-523-0533 or Fax request to: 303-434-6828. Tell them you saw it on the Internet and that Roger sent you. Please do not send any replies to me directly.