Brett Metcalfe and Daniel Reardon have finished in 20th and 21st places respectively after the first race of the 2006 Motocross of Nations in Winchester.

Despite falling three times throughout the race, including a major fall a couple of laps in, Metcalfe pushed through the field showing extreme determination to finish in the very middle of the 40-man field.

Reardon started out of the blocks strongly, and despite making some mistakes by his own admission, was extremely impressive as he fought to hold his position.

And while the Australian riders both felt that they could do a little bit better, the result has Australia sitting in 11th position overall after the first race.

Speaking straight after the race, Reardon admitted that his start was fairly good, but revealed that the nerves and tension crept into his riding a little bit.

"My start wasn't too bad -- I just got really anxious out there.

"I tightened up straight away, took the wrong lines and started making a lot of mistakes, and I just wasn't riding like myself.

"I will get my head together for the next race -- try and get an even better start, and just ride like I normally ride."

Metcalfe was disappointed with his race, and while he did manage a sterling recovery is hoping to do better when his second chance comes around.

"I just crashed three times and blew it a little," he said.

"Some guy crashed in front of me, and he was stuck in the rut. I tried to get out of it and got frustrated, clipped him, fell over and couldn't start it.

"Everything was working very well with the setup, but I just know that I can't crash like that."

The second race which will feature Metcalfe and Cheyne Boyd will begin at 1:48pm local time.

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