Amputee Michael Roman Establishes Two Land Speed Records at Opening Maxton Event
Amputee and chronic pain patient Michael Roman heightening awareness of chronic pain sufferers' plight through his pursuit of Land Speed Records

Maxton, NC (April 5, 2009) - Dedicated to raising the awareness of chronic pain sufferers and educating them on the importance of pain specialists, amputee and chronic pain patient Michael Roman truly became a fast learner at land speed racing as he established two new records at the season-opening East Coast Timing Association ("ECTA") land speed trials held in Maxton, North Carolina on April 4 & 5.

Driving a custom-built closed cockpit Lakester race car powered by a 750cc Suzuki GSXR motorcyle powerplant, Roman established a new ECTA land speed record in the J/GL Gas class on April 4, the first day of racing, in his first record attempt following his official licensing certification run. Michael set his record by reaching 149.034mph over the timed mile course, breaking the existing J/GL record by over two miles per hour.

Even though Roman had already established a new ECTA Gas class record, ECTA rules allow teams to switch to alternative fuels and make attempts at other class records. On Sunday, April 05, Mike's team was one of the first teams in line to make race runs. In Michael's first attempt at breaking the J/FL Fuel class record, Michael and his machine reached a new ECTA land speed record of 147.9339, breaking the existing J/FL Fuel class record by .2849 seconds!

For Michael, the weekend could not have gone better. "I must admit that our team really went all out for this event. We really worked hard at preparing our car for the extremely bumpy Maxton track and those preparations obviously worked to our benefit," stated Roman. "I am especially happy for the folks at Boston Scientific who have allowed me to get my life back and who have supported my race endeavors while trying to increase awareness of pain control education," added Roman. "This was our first race event working with our new team, an alliance between Cook & Perez Racecars and Pole Position Productions, and we all believe that we have more speed in the car," stated Roman.

Following numerous surgeries which ultimately caused Roman to lose his right leg from the hip down, Roman exhausted all pain treatment options, including powerful pain medications, drug pumps and single-source spinal cord stimulation (SCS) therapy. In 2005, he was successfully treated by a pain specialist with a new generation of SCS therapy, Boston Scientific's Precision multi-source spinal cord stimulation system. He has since eliminated pain medications from his daily regimen. Now dedicated to helping others who suffer from chronic pain, Roman works to shorten the amount of time it takes chronic pain sufferers to find a pain management solution.

"I endured more than 30 surgeries and four progressive amputations of my right leg in an attempt to manage my phantom limb pain," said Roman. "I lived in horrifying chronic pain for a decade before I finally found a medical professional who specialized in pain management. He provided me with options that other physicians didn't know about, and now I control my pain instead of it controlling me."

Boston Scientific remains the primary sponsor of Roman's race team and has launched to bring the message of hope to the 75 million other Americans who suffer from the effects of chronic pain. For information on the campaign, visit For information on Precision Spinal Cord Stimulation therapy used by Mike Roman, visit Joining Roman as a sponsor partner in 2009 is Snap-on Tools, a world leader in hand tool manufacturing.

-credit: PROtential