October 25th , 1998

Vancouver, Canada – Marybeth Harrison wrapped up the Canadian Formula Drivers Association Championship during the final race weekend of the year at Mission Raceway.

Unfortunately however, she was unable to compete in the final race after a half-shaft snapped leaving her stranded on the track at the very start. "It was a real disappointment to have to watch the last race of the year from the sidelines," stated Harrison. "I was sorry too that we weren't able to have a good finish after so many supporters had come out to watch."

On the bright side, Harrison had had an impressive and entertaining win an hour earlier in SCCBC's open wheel race where an exciting battle with Noel Rabie and track record holder Rick Payne ensued.

Harrison had started at the back of the pack after receiving "no time" during qualifying due to carburetor problems. She quickly moved up to 3rd with back and forth position-swapping eventually seeing her in the lead. "It was one of the funnest races of the year and helps make up a bit for the broken half-shaft!"

Special thanks and appreciation to...

Crew Chief: Marty Knoll of MK Technologies.

Crew Members: Al Towers and John Duffy.

Family Members: Mum, Tom, Mark & Helen, Dad & Susan, Harry & Peggy, Michelle, Wayne and Litia, Lawrence & Kris.

Sponsors and other special people: Gary Josefczyk, Fountain Tire, Goodyear, Promotions Unlimited, Pro.Net Communications, Drivers Edge, and Pennzoil.

Trophy presentations take place at the SCCBC year-end banquet November 21st.