The fourth novel in the ROLLING THUNDER STOCK CAR RACING SERIES is now available in bookstores and through Internet booksellers. The novels are being written by Don Keith and Kent Wright and published by Tor Books of New York City and are the first attempt at a seriously written series set in big-time racing. The books have so far received positive reviews, not only for their authenticity and realism, but also for the quality of the writing.

ON TO TALLADEGA continues the saga of Jodell Lee, an up-and-coming young driver who seeks stardom on the sport's historic racetracks and sparkling new superspeedways. In this latest installment, Lee and his crew are having some success against the likes of Richard Petty, Buddy Baker and others, but now they must face a truly death-defying challenge.

The huge new track at Talladega, Alabama, is about to hold its first race, and the controversy is swirling already. Not only will it take a top speed near two-hundred miles per hour to make the race, but some of the drivers say the track itself is unsafe and that they will boycott its opening event. Jodell Lee, who has never backed down from a challenge, must decide if he wants to take the risk to prove there is no racetrack too tough for him to tame. But he also has a family, a sponsor, and a sizeable racing operation depending on him.

As with the first three books in the series, ON TO TALLADEGA stands alone and may be enjoyed without having read any of the others. Audio books of the first three novels have also been released by dh Audio and are available through any bookseller.

Quotes: "The writing is so true to life, you can smell the gas fumes." --Clyde Bolton, THE BIRMINGHAM NEWS

"I couldn't put it down. It's a great book about the early roots of stock car racing...a book I can let my kids read without reservation. I'm already looking forward to the next books in the series." Mike Irwin, STOCK CAR FANS newsletter

Next book: YOUNG GUNS (April 2000) brings the series to modern times with the discovery by Jodell Lee of an awesome young driver who could be the sport's next superstar

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