Indianapolis round 12 results

<pre> Porsche-Pirelli SuperCup Results -- Round ...

<pre> Porsche-Pirelli SuperCup Results -- Round #12 Indianapolis (Sunday)

1. J. Bergmeister (D, Infineon Team Farnbacher), 26:15.713min (=153.237 kmh); 2. S. Maassen (B, Software AG Racing), 3.086 sec behind; 3. S. Ortelli (MC, Kadach Tuning), 3.990; 4. A. Zampedri (I, Kadach Tuning), 8.555; 5. T. Bergmeister D, MAT Racing Team), 14.342; 6. M. Werner (D, Infineon Team Farnbacher), 16.962; 7. P. Peter (A, Infineon Team Farnbacher), 18.015; 8. D. Donohue (USA, Porsche AG), 38.589; 9. G. Anapoli (I, Software AG Racing), 39.523; 10. S. Hornish (USA, Porsche AG), 53.790; 11. T. Lingner (USA, PZ Rhein-Oberberg) 60.714; 12. J. Pabst (CDN, Kadach Tuning), 65.877; 13. N. Kropp (B, Kadach Tuning), 70.778

Not classified: M. Lieb (D, Carsport Supercup Team Swiss), G. Jeannette (USA, Carsport Supercup Team Swiss), G. Frazier (USA, Kadach Tuning), W. Henzler (D, PZ Rhein-Oberberg), F. Schmickler (D, PZ Rhein-Oberberg),

Fastest lap: S Maassen, 1:36.807min (=155.889 kmh)


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