Announcement of release of FGP 2.38

Readers of the weekly motorsports magazine Autosport will know that Autosport runs a Fantasy Grand Prix for each half of the season. FGP (which is *not* an advanced version of Pretty Good Privacy) is a program which allows you to keep track of up to 100 teams competing in the Fantasy Grand Prix. FGP 2.38 is available in an Amiga specific distribution comprising the program, some data files, the source code and the documentation in AmigaGuide and ANSI text formats. The general distribution comprises the data files, the source code, hints on producing an MS-DOS version and the documentation in ASCII format. The Amiga distribution is being placed on Aminet. It should be in /pub/aminet/game/misc as fgp238.lha. Sites: or or

The general distribution is available from the author. Email for details.

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