It will be up to the European Super Touring Cup, to open a new era for motor racing in Slovenia. On September 2 and 3, the series' rounds 13 and 14, will be hosted by a completely new race track, which is actually under construction near the western highway, some ten-minute drive from the capital city Ljubljana's centre. The circuit, called "Mobitrack Ljubljana", that is being built to comply the FIA safety standards, will be 2,029 metre long, will have modern facilities and grandstand seats to accomodate 20,000 spectators. But, most important thing, it will be Slovenia's first permanent racetrack.

It was architect Matjaz Tomlje's idea to build such a circuit, after the huge success of the 1999 Ljubljana Grand Prix, hosted on a street course downtown and won by South American Touring Car ace Johnny Cecotto at the wheel of a CiBiEmme BMW 320i. 15.000 people attended the event. Tomlje, who was also a successfull racing driver - in a Konrad Porsche he claimed 3rd in GT at the 1994 Le Mans 24-Hours - designed the new track whose owner is a company carrying a glorious name in motor racing international history: Walter Wolf Racing. Indeed, some years ago, Tomlje acquired from billionaire Walter Wolf the brand of the Canadian F1 team that, on its maiden season, contended to Ferrari the 1977 world championship. That year, at the wheel of an Harvey Postlethwaite designed Wolf WR1-Ford, South African Jody Scheckter won three Grand Prixs (Argentina, Montecarlo and Canada) to be runner-up in the championship behind Niki Lauda. Wolf classified 4th in the Manufacturers championship and remained in F1 for two more years, collecting some podium positions and a 5th on points in 1978.

Therefore, the Euro STC race in semptember will carry the name of "Walter Wolf Grand Prix". "I'm quite sure it will be a great success - Tomlje said - because for the first time Slovenian race fans will have the opportunity to attend a major international event, with good looking cars and professional champions. I'm working hard to let a couple of local drivers, a Slovenian and a Serbian, to make the field." The Slovenian national TV will broadcast the meeting live.