Hi All! I'm starting the Indy Pick12 contest and would like to point out some exceptions to the rules which will be on effect JUST for the upcoming Indy 500.

1. The deadline to receive entries will be midnight May 28th, this date has been set so that everyone can make adjustments, since I have been told that at Indy many changes between cars & drivers can be made right up until the very last minute (I'm being extremely flexible here, just for this race).

2. By the time the deadline comes up, the pole will already be decided and everyone will know it, so for this race the pole pick won't pay back any points at all (figures!). Please don't omit this line, just write something on it...

The remainder of the season will also serve me as a testing ground for my program to see what needs to be changed/added. I tried my best when setting it up, tested it thouroughly and hope it works fine and didn't forget anything. The rules will follow, let's get those entries in! Good luck! :-)

PS: Thanks a lot to those who help me out planning and organizing this thing (like Paul Winalski and many others, you know who you are), they made it easier for me. Thanks a lot guys! :-) -- | Francisco J. Diaz Rivera | E-mail: as789@cleveland.freenet.edu | | University of Puerto Rico | fdiazriv@heartland.bradley.edu | | Hey Waitress! There's a pubic hair in my soup! | | Programmers never die, they just get updated & recompiled! |