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Notes: All dates believed correct as of 20th Feb 97. All races in country of championship, unless indicated otherwise with country shown in () tba = To Be Announced * indicates non-championship race

World Rally Championship

Jan 18-23       Monte Carlo (MC)
Feb 7-10        Swedish (S)
Feb 28-3        Safari (EAK)
Mar 22-27       Portugal (P)
Apr 13-16       Catalunya (E)
May 4-8         Corsica (F)
May 20-24       Argentina (RA)
Jun 6-10        Acropolis (GR)
Aug 1-5         New Zealand (NZ)
Aug 29-1        1000 Lakes (NZ)
Sep 17-21       Indonesia (RI)
Oct 11-15       San Remo (I)
Oct 30-3        Australia (AUS)
Nov 21-24       RAC (GB)

Asia Pacific Championship

Mar 12-15       Singha Rally of Thailand (T)
Jun 20-23       China (CN)
Aug 1-5         New Zealand (NZ)
Sep 17-21       Indonesia (RI)
Oct 30-3        Australia (AUS)

FIA Cross Country Championship

Mar 1-3         Italian Baja (I)
Apr 3-13        Tunisia (TN)
May 8-19        Atlas (MA)
Jun 19-22       Baja Telecel 1000 (P)
Jul 10-13       Baja Espana (E)
Jul 31-13       Australian Safari (ASU)
Sep 7-28        Master Rally (F)
Nov 5-8         UAE Desert Challenge (UAE)

-- Stephen M Baines

"[The Autosport sticker] started to peel off in the middle of Eau Rouge and it distracted me. In fact it was the first thing to hit the barrier" Tiff Needell - Jaguar XJR-15 Challenge - Interview with Autosport