In a sport where image is so important the CR Scuderia team is delighted to welcome Vans to its sponsorship portfolio. Vans is one of the most iconic sports brands in the world, working with a select list of partners on a commercial level and CRS is honoured to join that list.

Vans' traditional marketing approach has been to target specific athletes, generally in extreme sports. This is Vans' first entry into the four-wheel motorsport market.

"We're delighted with our partnership with CRS," said Vans UK Moto Team Manager Jason Mills. "As a team their activities include developing young single-seater superstars with aspirations to climb all the way to F1 and we applaud any encouragement given to young athletes. CRS' domestic and international GT activities will help us reach consumers that may not realise the extent to which Vans is involved in sports outside of our 40 year involvement with boardsports."

"We're proud to join with such an iconic brand," said CRS Team Principal, Chris Niarchos. "CRS is positioned on a sound commercial platform from which we are working to build on our already busy race programmes. We have a great relationship with all of our commercial partners and we look forward to working with Vans and making them proud to be part of the team."

The Spa 24 Hours will be the first te st of the new shoes, a rigorous test of any product. In addition to the shoes the team members are wearing, the Vans logo can be seen on the wing mirrors of the team's Ferrari 430s and also on the CRS Formula Renault cars.