2000: Martinez wins Veracruz, Mexico

Veracruz (Mexico) November 10. Against hot weather and the Goeterss's brothers pressure, David Martinez won his second race in his streak of three this year, today at Super Jarocho circuit. With this triumph, Martinez extend his leadership of the championship positions and his on a route to his first championship in his career. Monterrey's native made 28:09.886 to complete 44 laps at the 1.0 kilometer circuit.

David Martinez.
Photo by David Sanchez Olmos.

"It was very tiring, first hold off hard weather, more than 55° centigrade inside car and that dehydrated me," said Martinez. "After pressure from Jorge (Goeters) and this being his first race in these cars. He found quickly the way of the car and track and push more at the end of the race."

Goeters's brothers were next to Martinez on the podium, Jorge and Patrick, respectively registered a close at the finish line, just 730 thousands of a second separated them.

"Step by step, I adapted to this car which is wonderful, no doubt that this is an excellent idea to bring these cars to Mexico," said Jorge, F3 Mexican champion last year.

To round out the top five were both cars from the Herdez Competition team, Homero Richards and Peruvian Juan Manuel Polar.

The next race of F-Renault 2000 of America will be at Aguascalientes circuit, the second longest now after the revamped Hermanos Rodriguez track, 4.0 kilometers of extension. The race will be on November 24th. <pre> Results F-Renault 2000 (Veracruz)

44 Laps (Autodromo Super Jarocho) 1. David Mart?nez Havoline / Rayban 28:09.886 2. Jorge Goeters Corona 28:11.038 3. Patrick Goeters Tequila Aztl?n 28:11.768 4. Homero Richards Herdez 28:12.697 5. Juan Manuel Polar Herdez 28:13.531 6. Israel Jaitovich Corona 28:14.263 7. Carlos Mastreta La Radiante 28:15.464 8. Daniel Morales Ray Ban / Havoline 28:17.506 9. Horacio Richards Tequila Aztl?n - 4 laps 10. Oscar Hidalgo Jr. RPM Racing - 4 laps 11. Hugo Oliveras Team GO -12 laps 12. Carlos Guerrero Team GO - 43 laps